How Miss Krag Uses The Make Your Day Behavioral Program Essay

774 Words Dec 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Miss Krag uses the make your day behavioral program: “No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well-being of others. The teacher’s goal is for the children to learn how to write a correct sentence by Christmas. She uses a lot of gestures, direct instruction, she stops and explain difficult words while she talks, how words can have different meanings. Miss Krag said that her job is to teach formal English not the informal that they may learn in the street. Other accommodation that I noticed is that she asked 1st grader students to write small sentence, instead the second grader should form longer sentences. Another challenges that aroused, other that few behavioral issues, was of not understanding or not communicating with a child that just arrived from Mexico 10 days ago. Miss Krag had to ask another child to translate for her. The teacher didn’t know Spanish, she tried few words. Students were very kind to their teacher, they bought many flowers and gifts for her birthday, all the children came around her to read the card that a child gave to her. I noticed a calm and respectful atmosphere in the class. After this little break, Miss Krag is dividing the scholastic news handouts about firefighters. They were looking at the pictures, and talking about the danger of fire and rules to stay safe, she is asking questions using thumbs up/down strategy. The teacher is giving the homework to ask parents about the smoke detectors. Done with this activity Miss…

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