How Metal Plays A Key Role On Development And It Is The Backbone For The Manufacturing Industry

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Metal plays a key role in development and it is the backbone for the manufacturing industry. For years, various metal have been extracted from the mineral ore found in nature, but with the time high grade ore have is getting depleted and the option at left with us is to processing low grade ore which makes recovery process expensive. In such scenario recycling metals seems a lucrative option as it helps environment by reducing the amount of scrap or waste material getting disposed into landfills.
Typical source of scrap comes from the end of life products like cars, household equipment, electronic components, and waste products generated during the manufacturing process which constitutes a mixture of ferrous, nonferrous, semiconductors, plastic, glass and rubber. If the mixture of scrap is sorted to individual similar composition material fractions, than its monetary value increases compared to the value of unsorted scrap and to do so scrap is processed with various sorting operations. Initially the ferrous materials fraction is sorted out using magnetic separation process and the unsorted scrap is then processed through the mechanical eddy current sorter and other concentrating techniques to separate nonferrous scrap fractions from nonmetallic scrap fraction. The sorted nonferrous material fraction is termed as Zorba, which constitutes of Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Brass and Lead. Sorted Aluminum fraction form Zorba when sorted out is called Twitch and due to the higher…

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