Essay about How Memory Is Affected By Trauma

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Describe how memory is affected by trauma.
Our life tells a story through a descriptive narrative of our encounters and life altering events. According to Hunt (2010), “We constantly narrate our lives, creating and telling stories about who and what we are, and why we exist” (p. 3). Our memories helps us recreate their storylines as we share them with the world. Memories help shape an individual’s overall health, development, and lifestyle. Unfortunately, our story and memory become disconnected in the wake of a traumatic occurrence or crisis. It divides us into two people: my life and not my life (Langburg, 2016). Trauma will not go in a normal narrative memory. Traumatic memory will not go away and can have a detrimental impact in some occasions, leading to silence, isolation, and helplessness. Difficulties associated with traumatic memories can cause several adverse effects ranging from experiencing of the traumatic event through intrusive recollections to psychogenic amnesia (Yehuda, Harvey, & O’Carroll, 1997). The discrepancies come in when an individual remembers too much or remembers too little. The body has a self-repair mechanism and it will fight against all agents to include memory to heal.
Identify why symptoms of PTSD are often misinterpreted
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a long-term psychological disorder that develops in an individual who lacks the coping mechanism needed to overcome a traumatic event or crisis. Unfortunately, everyone will…

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