Essay on How Media Is Influenced By Technology

1299 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 null Page
The era we live in is so heavily influenced by technology that it can often times blur our understanding of reality. We as a society are more connected than any other era in this world. That idea in itself is very intimidating. In the blink of an eye a leaked image can reach millions of people. We see this happen all the time, artist or big corporate companies have images, sound bits, product details etc. leaked to the world in a matter of seconds. More times than not those images are false representations but social media as well as news broadcasters believe it to be true so it is reported to the world. The media is a very powerful thing in todays day and age, “[it plays] a crucial role of collecting, framing, and distributing information–the key market commodity”. (Baum and Potter) As viewers we gain this mentality that “if its on the news it must be true” and this leaves us ignorant, “the public is typically illinformed and so unmotivated to object”. (Baum and Potter) In a perfect world media would only publicly showcase “the truth and nothing but the truth” and not have a bias of what they represent. Media has become a puppet of those in power, constantly having their strings pulled, “. . . equilibrium tends to favor leaders, and, hence, the media are more responsive to leaders’ preferences than to those of the public”. (Baum and Potter) Media is a flame that is fueled by entertainment and then engulfs fear, which turns that flame into a fire. The biggest fear that…

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