How Media Influence The Rise Of Donald Trump Essay

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How the media influence gave rise to Donald Trump In this twenty first century, there is a new way of globalization, and it is the media. It has more power and influence over the people. The role of a media is very vital, especially, when it comes to political elections. The media plays a huge role when it comes to providing voters a platform about the political parties and their respective presidential candidates. From the Democratic parties we have Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, as the front runner for the Democratic Party. And from the Republican side we have the billionaire Ms. Donald Trump, as the front runner for the Republican Party. And throughout their candidacy, the media have covered their respective political party debate and conference. But the media could also be biased at the same time giving other presidential candidates, a bunch of media coverage compared to their respective compatriots. For now let’s only talk about how Donald Trump had too much media coverage, by pointing out some facts to see how this affected other presidential candidates, the nation, and also how this changed the view of people on politics.
Media Obsession with Donald Trump Does it strake you, whenever the media is on, all they do is just talk about politics and Donald Trump. And of course this is because as the whole nation knows this is the year of presidential election and you expect to see a great deal of thing when it comes to the 2016…

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