How Media Has Changed Today 's Society Essay

710 Words Dec 8th, 2015 3 Pages
Can you believe that 600 million more people own a smartphone in comparison to those who own a toothbrush? Media performs an important role in today’s society, in the shows we watch in several different technologies (laptops, smartphones, television), in music we listen to on the radio, and in the magazines we read. Many people have goals and expectations for their future. In fact, they set specific requirements, work hard, and hope for the best. Many individuals set their goals based on media and advertisements that are presented across the world. Consequently, people become more materialistic and focus on their image first. Social media has changed drastically, by shifting the way people act, dress, and think. Social media has shown its audience the capability advertisement has on us, shows how meaningful first impressions are, and tells its audience how to live the finest life. To begin with, people are surrounded by advertisements which persuade them to buy as many products so they can have an image of acceptance and likeability. It does not matter where individuals are at, but it follows them around. For instance, advertisements are placed outside of homes, internet, television, and newspaper. In addition, it can lead to changing people’s perspective of the world today. Moreover, advertisement builds up people’s knowledge about social updates and have significant influence on people’s attitude towards society. For example, “In the Shadow of the Image” by Stuart Ewen…

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