How Media Has Changed Our Lives? Essay

1930 Words Oct 4th, 2016 8 Pages
As a start, it’s necessary to locate this report in a certain context; we are living in a virtual present, where communication has transformed itself, as well as the way people perceive information. In the last few years, advertisement has made itself present in many other platforms, compared to the traditional ones that, in past decades, were a lot stronger and listed. Why has the way of transmitting information been obligated to transform itself? Which is the correct way to transmit and advertise in the present? Advertisements have had a great strength while being shown on television, because television revolutionized how communication was perceived, but now, in the second decade of the 21st century, technology has transformed so much, and has become much faster and simpler to read, leading advertisements to have to accommodate themselves to the new aspects of technology. From ten years ago, until now, the internet has detonated a new way of life, where everything is accessible through this source and any person could most easily live a life where all the information they receive is through this media, now, this is possible, but, is it really happening? Are people actually leaving aside television for the Internet? Not quite yet.
Even though the Internet is very strong, television is still a very important part of the westernized way of living and it’s culture. News, series, movies, and general entertainment for children, teens and adults is all offered on T.V, and even…

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