Essay How Media Has Changed My Own Style And Culture

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Media has left an indelible mark on the lives of many generations before me, which is something I already knew. I’ve seen black-and-white clips of CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite as he heartbreakingly informed America on the assassinations of prominent figures like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as breaking the Watergate scandal. I’ve seen syndicated Sanford and Son reruns, and I’ve listened to music from 70s and 80s artists like Blondie, The Mamas and Jim Croce. However, despite all of that, there is a difference that I’ve found from looking back on the media of the past, and actually hearing about how the media of a specific time period influenced style and a culture, not unlike the media that I’m surrounded by influences my own style and culture.
While interviewing my mother, Irene Wright, I not only got to listen to how she saw the world when she was 20, but I experienced it and related to it more than I thought I would. The year for her was 1978 in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, where I’m from as well. During the 60s and 70s, Ms. Irene recalled that her access to media outlets was a lot more limited than today, as she had only newspapers, radio, and television to get her news of the world and local region.

Q & A concerning media of and near the year 1978
Q: How did newspapers, television and radio play into your life?
A: Well, the only way for us to get our news was through newspapers and television news, and sometimes radio. Things weren’t at…

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