Essay on How Media Coverage Is Still Based On Gender Than Ability

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How media coverage is still based on gender than ability ….

I am pleased to be able to be talking to be about such an important discussion on the gender equality in sport. My aim in this is for you to help see sport ability to before gender and I hoping that you will see that too .I believe that sport in previous years has had enormous power to contribute to social and economic changes so far but, in my opinion, gender equality in sport has become more imbalanced. So let me talk to you about how gender sports equality has changed over the years and how media has played a significant part too.

Over the past years sport has evolved allowing there to be significant changes . These significant changes have allowed women to participate in sport such as Women 's Golf Association and professional women football teams have formed. Jessica Ennis-Hill , Nicola Adams and many more are elite sportswoman who have huge potential and ability in sport are rodel models that shows that sport has really empower them as woman .

Despite all these equal changes in sport what has not changed is people views and media .In my view it because misperception of women 's ability. We still have misperception about women in sport but I cannot understand why this has not changed ; since 1990 when women participated in Games in Paris, of a total of 997 athletes, 22 women competed in five sports: tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrianism and golf. If women are able to do a variety of sports , this does…

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