How Media Can Keep Up With The World Around Us Essay

1002 Words Nov 6th, 2015 null Page
There are so many ways to keep up with the world around us. Adults and children have been consumed by the media that surrounds them on a daily basis. Media that comes to them in many different ways. Kids these days are more attentive to their electronics like their iPads or cell phones rather than focusing on their homework. Not all media is bad though, in fact there are good forms of media as well. For example, the news is a good way of keeping up with political changes or what goes on in different countries. It keeps us up to date with the world around us. In the late 1900’s we started using cellphones that didn’t have internet access, our internet was dial- up and televisions had a couple of channels. Today, all three of these have had tremendous advances. We can just reach in our pockets or purses to pull out our cellphones and begin browsing the internet and our televisions have become flat-screen television’s with over 500 channels. With these advances in technology it’s no wonder that so many teens can consume 31 hours of television, 10 hours online, 17 hours of music as stated in Miss Representation. Due to advances in technology and their easy access, adults and teens have been consumed by media with many side effects that might not be noticeable.
Many teenage girls are hooked on E! a popular shamming channel, and teen boys are hooked on anything that has violence, majorly where they can be online like their PlayStations or Xboxes. Girls see these programs where…

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