Essay on How Media Can Be A Great Resource For Mental Health

1193 Words Feb 8th, 2016 null Page
Media can be a great resource for mental health issues to be brought forward and made known to those who are not knowledgeable about the disease. If done correctly and with respect for the individuals who have the disease, media can be a great tool to bring light to mental health. Postpartum depression is not a mental illness that is widely discussed, however according to The Centers of Disease Control about 10-15% of all mothers experience postpartum depression within the first year (Centers, 2015). With little media exposure to the topic in the past recently there has been an increase of exposure with media brining attention to this common mental health issue. Jon Avnet, co-creator and director of the television series "Susanna” came up with the idea for the series after talking to an actress he had worked with who had suffered postpartum depression herself (Castillo, 2013). Avnet having a psychological educational background was very interested in bringing light to the topic and he stated, “I wanted to create a fictional narrative that would allow people to have a conversation.” (Castillo, 2013). While watching part of the twelve series television show it was evident that Avnet did exactly what he intended to do; he brought attention to a topic that is not often discussed and gave the viewers something to think and talk about. Understanding the progression in the American Psychiatric Association and the new exposure in the media helps women get a better view of…

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