How Media Affects Women Body Image Essay

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How media affects women’s body image
Mass media is designed to reach large audiences through the use of technology. Its purpose is meant to give information we need to function as a society. Mass media is everywhere; there is no escaping from it. From the moment you wake until you fall asleep you are confronted with media. Almost every home in America has at least one television, access to the internet, and cell phones. Someone cannot drive down the highway without seeing billboard signs. Checking out at the grocery store can be tricky if trying to avoid magazines. The media portrays what is considered to be normal for how a female acts and looks, and therefore affects what women in society feel they should look and act like. The media's
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Metabolism is another hereditary characteristic that can cause female body types to differ dramatically. Metabolism means the processing of a specific substance within the living body. Metabolism controls the ability of the body to process food intake and release energy. Every person's metabolism is unique; while one person may process food quickly without storing much of it in fat cells, another person may have a slower process, causing them to gain weight more easily. Furthermore, the unique bone structures of females may differ greatly, causing a person with even the lowest body fat percentage to have a large frame. These distinctive traits of the human body prove that the possibility for the average female to have a model body type is not always under her control.
It is not bad to lose weight if it is done the healthy why; exercising and eating healthy foods. People do not usually want to take that route though, so they turn to “the easy way out”. The media promotes unnecessary products to women to help them achieve what is to be considered beautiful such as hydroxycut. In the ads for this diet pill it show a typical women who does not look overweight then it show an after photo were she is super thin. This diet pill has atrocious side effects. Timothy Townsend wrote in his article “Hydroxycut’s negative side effects” that “The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about Hydroxycut

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