Essay How Media Affects Our Social And Academic Lives

1275 Words Nov 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Recently, society has become consumed by the internet and technology. It has become a daily ritual that affects our social and academic lives. The issue has been whether or not the internet has a positive or negative impact on people. Some argue that the internet positively affects how we express ourselves originally by saying “it is the spontaneous expression of instant thought” (Sullivan 2). People are able to share their ideas freely. However, the internet and technology diminishes our ability to think by causing distractions and obstacles to comprehend the information being received. Although there are many people who support the idea that the internet is harmful, there are also those who contradict this outlook. For instance, in “Why I Blog”, Andrew Sullivan talks about how blogging contributes to our ability to think critically. He states that “hyperlink to the original source transforms the experiences… the ability to read the primary material instantly- in a careful or shallow a fashion as you choose- can add much greater context than anything on paper”(Sullivan 7). Sullivan implies that the internet is a medium where we can express ourselves intellectually by engaging in blogs or using hyperlinks as additional information to what we want. However, what Sullivan fails to see is that we are not expressing ourselves with knowledge, but instead we are distracting ourselves with the hyperlinks. A hyperlink is a link that directs a user to different webpages that do not…

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