How Mechanical Engineering Is Not An Average Discourse Community

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Mechanical Engineering is not an average discourse community. Being an active member of this community entails a lot. The people of this community all share a common work ethic and a desire to better the world through engineering. Engineers are passionate about what they do, this can be seen in the article entitled, “Outboard’s Performance Depends On Cutting Quality.” This article was created by a group of professional engineers who work for Mercury Marine. The author’s in this article are writing to an audience of others involved in the discourse community. For example, other engineers and students studying in the field. The content is very scientific and precise. The first page is an introduction to the company and their goals. However, the second page jumps right into the engineering design process and contains a lot of diction only found among engineering texts. The company needed to find a way to make their tools more precise and more efficient, in order to speed up production in the factory. The author’s discuss the problem at hand, and how they came to a final solution. The author’s utilized great rhetoric throughout their abstract to convey the main points of their design solution to the rest of the discourse community. First and foremost, the genre of this article is tough to pick up . Like mentioned above, the entire first page is an introduction to the company and their products. The genre transitions from being very informative to very distinct and vivid. The

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