How Materials Are Used For Building Buildings And Shelters Within The Local Environment

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Students in foundation year discover chemical sciences by exploring objects that are made of materials and have observable properties (ACARA, 2015). Students experience chemical science by sorting and grouping materials based on colour, texture and flexibility to identify the similarities and differences in materials. Students begin to think about how materials are used in buildings and shelters within the local environment. Materials, such as: building, construction, manufacturing, chemistry, and engineering materials can be used to explore and compare the similarities and differences in colour, texture and flexibility. Additionally, students learn the property of matter through physical changes, properties, and properties of materials in everyday environmental discoveries.

Year one
Students in year one discover chemical science by manipulating materials in a variety of ways. This can be facilitated by comparing how the shapes of objects are made from various materials that can by physically changed by bending, stretching and twisting. Students can explore the properties of plastic by experimenting with its strength and flexibility when heated or cooled. This allows children to also predict and observe the outcome of what is physically tested and changed.

Year two
Students in year two discover chemical science by exploring various materials that can be combined for a particular purpose (ACARA, 2015). Physical science can be explored by experimenting with paint and…

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