How Marriage Can Save Your Life Essay

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Marriage rates have been falling steadily since the 1960s, while the rate of common law couples has increased dramatically. (Lunau, 2014) The idea of the modern day family is changing and many are asking if marriage is even worth it anymore. The her article, How marriage can save your life, author Kate Lunau explores the correlation between marriage and the effect one the couples health, while the author successfully relates marriage to it’s health benefits, she fails to show that co-habituation could have the same results, as well as that policies should be adopted to encourage marriage to gain theses health benefits.
In the article the authors describe the health benefits associate with marriage and uses this as a reason may couple should get married. According to author “In a vast array of scientific studies, over and over again, a happy union has been shown to benefit virtually every system of the body.” Using studies from various sources, including a study that included 784, 889 cancer patients that showed that single patients were 53% less likely to get the best treatment she managed to successfully prove her point. (Lunau, 2014) This research is complementary to that of the textbook, which also states that those who are married have added health benefits such as less mental illness. (Baker, 2014, p.87) The research brought up in this article provides a valid argument for the benefits of marriage, especially in relation to those who are single. The research provided…

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