How Marketing Changes Is Affected On What You Produce Or Serve?

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As I was doing research on marketing it really brought a whole new level of importance that I haven’t really thought about. I took marketing for managers this last year but I wanted to dig deeper into the term marketing, and other factors that go into it. I didn’t quite feel like I learned as much as I wanted in my class, which is ok because it was only for 3 months. I wanted to do something that would interest me in the path that im taking in life. I know marketing is such a broad topic but I wanted to look at a lot of the different aspects of different businesses including big businesses and smaller businesses. How marketing changes, how it is affected on what you produce or serve. Im glad I got the chance to take this independent study because it gives the students a chance to learn what they think will be most important to them. I know that this will be a gateway into marketing for me. I know that a lot of learning will come with doing it and so I may not fully understand what im talking about. Ha-ha. Im also thankful that I was able to take the extra five credits because marketing is such a big topic and might have been hard to fit on only four pages. I hope that by the end of this quarter I will have a better understanding of what marketing entails.
Marketing and the importance of marketing
Marketing can be described in many different ways but the official definition is "Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and…

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