How Market Segmentation Is Carried Out in the Toothpaste Market of Sri Lanka

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Toothpaste Providing Protection from Cavity, Gums Diseases and Other Oral Problems: Trends in the global society and recent studies conducted on oral health, has increased awareness on the importance of maintaining one’s oral health. Awareness created by ways of dental health camps in schools, cities, villages and other segments of society have increased the need of individuals to use dental products to keep their teeth clean, healthy, strong and free of oral diseases. These initiatives have significantly increased the market share for dental products, especially the toothpaste product, in the recent years. Therefore, dental products have undergone many changes, especially in the ingredients used to manufacture them, whereby the protection required to keep away oral diseases and problems to a minimum is achieved.

Children’s Toothpaste: Another market segment in the toothpaste market is the children. There is a natural tendency for children to be rather reluctant to brush/clean their teeth. This has been a prevailing problem for all parents over time. As such, this segment has been a seemingly untouched market by the toothpaste manufacturers, in the design and development of dental product that is targeted at children. Hence, it is in
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