How Market Segmentation And The Different Kinds Of Target Group Each Individual Product

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In this task i will be using a variety of different products and services to explain how market segmentation works and the different kinds of target group each individual product has.I will be also be looking at how customers and consumers contribute to this process and the parts they play in market segmentation.
In order to explain market segmentation it is important to know who the key parts are in this process;the costumer and the consumer.They are quite similar and are often used interchangeably,but there is a significant difference between the two.Customers are the ones who buy the products whereas consumers are the ones that use them,this can often be the same person,but in some cases the customer will not always be the consumer.For example,whilst the main consumer of toys and games are children it is often the parents that buy them.The difference between the customers and consumers impacts how you market your product,so your marketing efforts should target the end user as opposed to the buyer.Toys have to be exciting and fascinating to kids for them to ask their parents to make the purchase.However,if the consumer and customer are the same,for example Next,in addition to emphasizing features like style and prestige you would have to factor in the price of the products and the quality,that appeal to the buyer instead of just the end user.
Market segmentation
A segment orientated marketing approach enables decisions about intensity of marketing approaches for…

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