Essay on How Mark Zuckerberg Has Changed The World

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One would consider how a social network could change so many lives, and in such a short time frame in so many parts of the world. Mark Zuckerberg has done so by redefying the way people use social media. Because of Mark Zuckerberg Facebook has caused people to reconnect with family, furious arguments, the launching of businesses, encouragement and the display arrogance. Thanks to the great contribution of Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg has changed the world in multitudinous ways, by redefining how people stay connected using “Facebook .” He has had prior knowledge of coding at a young age, and in college he came upon unyielding task, and has created one of social media’s powerhouses, a place where you can stay connected with friends, Facebook!
Mark’s path towards changing the world began at a young age with experience in computer science. “..He was taught Atari BASIC Programming (A programming language used to teach people the basics of programming on the Atari Gaming system) by his father.” (Zuckerberg 21) In fact, His Dad installed his program in his dental office. The program which was called “ZuckNet” designed to inform the office staff when his father’s new patients have arrived at the office. Edward Zuckerberg, Marks father, appointed him a mentor by the name of David Newman to give his son individual sessions.
Eventually, Mark went off to college, during a little midlife crisis in Zuckerberg’s life, he came across an idea in his college dorm. The idea was to…

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