Essay about How Many Walls Again?

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How many walls again?
Hi, how’s it going? You’ve been reading these papers for a while I’m guessing. How have they been? Good, bad? I would guess a little of column A a little of column B. Well I hope they all go well, especially this one. Anyways, if you haven’t guessed this particular paper is about walls, a specific one though, the fourth one. Yes fourth wall breaks, it’s an interesting concept really, ignoring the format and talking directly to your audience? Well I think so at least. They’re really cool allow for a lot of things that wouldn’t be possible any other way.
But the question still stands, what is the fourth wall? In terms of the film and T.V. industry, sets are made up of three actual walls to make it 3d and look real to the viewer, the “fourth wall” is removed so the audience can see into what is happening on the set. When a character “breaks the fourth wall” they are directing whatever they do or say to the audience, ignoring the other things going on in the fictional world they are in, and sometimes acknowledging that they are indeed a fictional character. “Breaking the fourth wall is often used as an ironic device meant to trigger laughs.” (Caldwell).This can be employed to do various things in the confines of the entertainment world, from letting people in on a joke, showing a character 's feelings about what just happened in the scene, to narrating what is happening in the character 's life. All of those methods can be seen throughout media history in…

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