How Managers Can Create A Better Workplace Environment Essay

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These are just a few personal qualities necessary to maintain a positive workplace culture.

Work can be stressful. But that doesn’t mean your team should perpetuate the notion.

Managers must take a deeper look into how co-workers interact and react with one another.

“While the emotional needs of today’s workforce may seem like a tall order for employers, they 're worth your attention. Investing in EQ has brought our company more engaged, committed employees, and we 'll continue to put a premium on this effort moving forward,” writes Mariah Deleon, former vice president of people at Glassdoor.

It’s all about understanding the needs, wants, and expectations of your team members.

Let’s explore how managers can create a better workplace environment.
Essential Skills to Manage Teams
Whether you’ve managed a team for nine years or nine months, facilitating the needs of people requires confidence, flexibility, and patience.

Growing your skillset as a manager shapes the workplace culture. Your leadership will determine the cadence of the work environment—how meetings are conducted, when procedures are enforced, and how people treat one another.

Communication is key. You need the ability to not only convey your thoughts to others but also actively listen to people’s ideas.

Joelle K. Jay, PhD, president of Pillar Consulting, agrees:
“Team environments can involve multiple personalities, complex dynamics and competing agendas. By listening…

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