How Managerial Skills And Attributes Can Combine With Human Resources Management

797 Words Jan 20th, 2015 4 Pages
Everything that we see around us today whether it’s the tall skyscrapers, fast supercars or the smartphones, before it all came into existence they were all just ideas, ideas which were turned into reality through series of planning and concept designing known as project planning. This process enables group of people to reach the end goal by following procedures and protocols of their organisation and by carefully organising projects, motivating the team members and managing the resources that are available to them. Through the rest of this essay there will be discussion about how managerial skills and attributes can combine with human resources management, a function in project management which can maximise the performance of the employees that can facilitate good project management.
In the project development cycle there are three project management process groups where human resources knowledge area comes into its own elements, and if applied effectively it could be the difference of either helping or hurting the projects outcome. At the human resources planning stage the project managers that are able to use appropriate communication skills to communicate and identify what skills are required for the project from what individuals and document project roles, also important for the project manager to make sure the responsibilities within the project are assigned to the right people. On completing this process thoroughly the project manager will have a clear idea about…

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