How Male Power Is Dominant And How It Condemns Female Power? Essay

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The power hungry women in We Have Always Lived In The Castle, face the powerful male warriors in Beowulf. In both texts one gender has the upper hand of power over the other. In Beowulf male power overrides female power and women are only viewed as peacekeepers and have a lower role in the text. But in We Have Always Lived the Castle, Merricat and Constance despise male power and will do anything in their power to prevent the males from getting any power. In Beowulf, we see how male power is dominant and how it condemns female power in the sense that women in the book are only traditionally viewed as quiet peacemakers but men are supposed to be ruthless warriors. The exception to the traditional women way is Grendel’s mom. According to Heaney she is considered an “ides” (1259) which Heaney translates as “hell bride” not even a women. In the other places “ides” is written it is traditionally translated as women but Grendel’s mom isn’t a traditional woman that keeps peace, so she is an exception to the rule so Heaney decided to translate it as a hell bride. Grendel’s mom doesn’t create peace like the rest of the women but instead she promotes violence. It’s this reason that causes Heaney to change the meaning of “ides” to hell bride when it comes to Grendel’s mom when the real definition is women. The reason Heaney does this is to show how Grendel’s mom doesn’t follow the traditional ways of the women so Heaney decides to describe her differently.
For the most part women…

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