Essay on How Machiavelli Was A Man With Noble Wisdom

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Key Point #13

Machiavelli was a man with noble wisdom. He spoke the bare truth of leadership. While some may not agree with his notions, they do hold some value. Five-hundred years later, leadership remains standing on some of the same foundations, questions, and values. Today’s society may have many reasons to believe in shared leadership. But, when push comes to shove Machiavelli composes valuable points. Being feared or loved, avoid hate, and being a ruler, are points Machiavelli makes which, resonates with me. To be feared or to be loved is a question many leaders have battled with for centuries. Many leaders are unsure which side they fall on. I’m sure if a happy medium existed, most all of us would choose the middle. However, in my opinion, I believe there is no such thing. Having to choose a side, I would prefer to be feared. Though people sense fear differently, fear is something all leaders should possess. As Machiavelli said, “For one can say this generally of men: that they are ungrateful, fickle, pretenders and dissembler, evaders of danger, eager for gain…when it is close to you, they revolt” (Machiavelli 35). As generous as humanity can be, there are few who are cruel. As a leader, we must watch out for this. While working at Dunkin’ Donuts I learned this lesson quickly after being burned by the fire. Here, I was not seeking to be liked, I simply wanted to be respected. I was nice when needed and stern when required. I treated everyone with the utmost…

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