How Lucky You Are Essay

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Essay - How Lucky You Are
The short story, “How Lucky You Are”, is written by Debi Alper and published in 2010. The main theme in the story is to appreciate what you have and, as the title says, to know how lucky you are.
The main character is Max. Max is a student in a special school for creative people, The Britt School, but he does not appreciate the opportunities he has in this school. He is a very creative boy with a “twisted imagination”. He used to be a happy boy until one day when his father left him and his mother. Now he is sixteen, he has no enthusiasm for school, and he smokes home-made cigarettes. He always fights with his mother and he is unaware of people around him. But all of this changes one day when he decides to skip
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Then comes the third part where Max is back in the present, thinking of Ishraqi. The fourth part comes in another flash back where Max drifts back to the day when he met Ishraqi.

I think the message of the story is to appreciate what you have. It shows how terrible it is for innocent people who do not have anything, who come from countries with oppression or war, and who only wish for a better life. It also shows how people from well-functioning countries, who have almost everything, do not appreciate it at all. They just have to see life from another angle before they realize how lucky they are. This happens to Max as illustrated in the following: “Just that morning he’d had a huge row with his mum. She drove him crazy with her nagging about homework and taking responsibility and all that crap. But what if she disappeared and he didn’t know if he could ever see her again? The thought was too awful to contemplate”.

After he meets Ishraqi, everything changes. He sees how lucky he is to have possibilities and a future ahead of him and most importantly he is wiser, as illustrated in the following: “’He thought about Ishraqi not knowing if her parents were alive or dead and resolved not to argue with his mum for

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