Theatre Performance Review

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The World Goes Round at Theatre UCF was a spectacular conglomeration of musical performances that were brought to life through excellent acting and use of lighting. Throughout my years as a student I have seen a plethora of plays ranging from high school productions to off-off Broadway. Walking into this production I expected the same level of performance as in my local community college (with a slightly bigger budget). However, after the first song I knew that I was going to be proven wrong.
Featuring a myriad of Broadway hits, the soundtrack of this performance is what you would expect on a show-tunes playlist. Instead of making it difficult to live up to, the familiar soundtrack worked in the actors favor, with the entire audience humming along to almost every tune. Each song was brought to life not just through the lyrics, but the choreography as well. Mayme Paul did a fantastic job of matching the choreography not just to the tempo but to the mood of the soundtrack. The song “How Lucky Can You Get” alone stood to demonstrate Paul’s expertise as the actress began the song in a lively and upbeat manner, sporting a boisterous voice and grandiose choreography. As the song hit its mid-point, the shift was almost tangible, the actress was suddenly
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In act one the song “Class” depicted two drunk-out-of-their-mind women, complaining of the lack of class in people today. As their song ends and they are stumbling off to stage right an extremely nervous man attempts to talk to them but gets blown off, providing for the perfect transition to his own song “Mr. Cellophane” which so fittingly is about how he feels invisible. While this may have proved to be a director’s nightmare, Mayme Paul did a flawless job of knitting these brilliant songs together without losing the songs

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