How Love Is Perceived By Different People From Different Cultures

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The main issue that is being discussed in this passage is love. The passage seeks to compare how love is perceived by different people from different cultures. These two sets of people are the traditional Chinese and those who have embraced Western culture. The parallels drawn from these two sets of groups based on love are finally seen on how they get into marriages. These themes have governed these two cultures from time immemorial and are cornerstones with which they identify with.
According to the passage, Western marriage is based on the love that two people have willingly forged between them. The two people come together and build a relationship from nothing. There are no third parties that coax the two parties to fall in love. However, they simply work hard to compromise with their loved ones. They ensure that they forge a middle ground where they can meet in the event that they do not agree on an issue. From this mutual understanding, love blooms and the two form an intimate bond. This bond makes them grow fond of each other and they eventually fall in love. Based on the love that they feel for each other, they decide to get married to each other.
On the other hand, the traditional Chinese feel that marriage is a gateway to achieving one’s objective of duty to a man. It is a customary tradition for the parents to look for “proper” wives for their sons. The reason behind this is that the wife will get married into the family and will be responsible for taking care…

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