How Love Affects Us Essay

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How Love Affects Us

“You’ve been elected to represent the track team this year.” uttered Kelsey.

“What? You’re not running this year?”

Audrey, a 17 year old girl who loves running, got on the track team this year. How did she get on the track team? People say she cheated, she did “dirty” things, but most of all they said she got lucky.
Audrey was not lucky.
In her entire life, she has always had borderline grades. From C or D or F, she pulls out a victory always. Like running, she never did stop until she crossed the finish line, but once she did cross the line, things always seem to fall apart. Her father, like birds, flew far away from her life.
Always arguing and fighting and running and most of all crying, Audrey’s mother kicked her own father out of the house.
Audrey at the age of 12 asked her mother, “Was it my fault?”
“No Audrey, it’s not your fault” mother said faintly. Two years passed, and her mother chained to the floor, sat there in silence in her spongy monitored room. On a night filled with a bloody red moon and the shrieks of a man, Audrey’s father lay dead in his one bedroom apartment with his warm blood underneath him. Audrey’s Mother, swaying away from the scene, while shouting to the world, “It’s his fault, not mine!”

Audrey left without a mother or father to love or to grow or to be with, she ran away to her grandma, Daisy. Unlike her other relatives, Daisy always loved Audrey. She loves her pink-raspberry smell, her big-white smile, her…

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