Essay on How Long Term Memory And How It Is Important?

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Chapter 6-How to improve long term memory

What is long term memory and how it is important?
Long term memory is known as the continuous process of storing conscious and unconscious information in your brain. The existence of long term memory can’t be proved physically but it can be in a scientific way. We are not aware of it when we are collecting information and adding it in our long term memory. The duration of how long this memory lasts can vary from a few days to decades. The creation of long term memory actually depends on our short term memory. Information that is replayed and reconnected several times over and over go on to form part of our long term memory. There are two types of long term memories. One is declarative memory which is present in our conscious mind. It is normally episodic like when you went to school for the very first day or semantic like the names of the capital cities of various countries. This type of memory is dependent on a conscious effort of yours in order to be recalled. The other type of long term memory is the procedural memory. It is mostly present in the unconscious part of your brain and you are not aware of it when you add to it and are neither aware when we recall this type of memory. It is an automatic response to your surrounding environment. Examples for these can be like you remember how to ride your bicycle or how to play a music instrument. You don’t even think about or even try anything to recall what is in your procedural…

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