How Litter Is Important And The Key Points Of Our Mystic Vale Cleanup

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This term, my group for the Eco Action project decided to undertake a garbage cleanup in hopes of making our targeted area garbage-free by the end of our three-month timespan. We decided to do our cleanup in Mystic Vale, a forest southeast of the University of Victoria’s campus. My group—which consisted of Cole, Matt and Jed—aimed to influence others by eliminating the garbage in the forest, which would make others less inclined to litter. Although we face many challenges throughout the term, in the end we made a difference in the cleanliness of the trail, which is why we deem our project to be successful. In this essay, I will address the effects of litter in forests, why waste reduction in forests is important and the key points of our Mystic Vale cleanup.

As stated by Clark, Burgess and Hendee, “the accumulation of litter in [natural environment] areas is a persistent and expensive problem” (1972). This asserts that littering has been a long withstanding issue that can has been prominent for many decades. There are many effects on the environment due to litter in forests, as a large amount of garbage does not disintegrate at the same rate as natural elements typically found in such areas. Effects include extended disintegration periods, harm to wildlife and the forest’s loss of natural beauty (Barbalace, 1999). There have however been studies to find methods in which we can control littering, such as coaxing people into wanting to clean polluted areas…

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