How Literacy Can Improve My Own Writing Skills Essays

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If you were to ask me what literacy meant to me when I was younger, I would tell you, that it represented reading a book, and simply writing. As a child I thought literacy had to deal with English class, although it does relate, there is much more to literacy than we think. Being young, I wasn’t aware of the definition of literacy, and if you are anything like me, you would eventually have to just learn on your own. Growing up I rarely thought about what literacy truly meant, but I can say that it was a question I was curious about. As I matured as a student and took more English classes, my knowledge of literacy, reading and writing, grew. The more I began to write essays, the further it seemed to take a toll on me to deepen my understanding of proper writing techniques. I began to question myself, how can I improve my own writing skills without knowing the basic true meaning of literacy? This is when I realized the only way I’ll figure out the meaning is by letting it come to as I mature as a writer.
When I was a student in Junior High School I found a true love with reading and writing. One of the things my English teacher graded us on was the amount of books we tested on. We had to read, and test on at least two books per six weeks. At first I was like any other student, I dreaded it. I always thought it was a waste of my time, I had much rather had spent it with my friends. Yet, the more she had us do read, the more I enjoyed it. That’s when I noticed, once I began…

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