How Lifestyle Changes Affect Disease Management

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How can lifestyle changes affect chronic disease management? What are some factors that play into the fact that it is easier for some women to make lifestyle changes than others?
“Lifestyle changes are often the first step in preventing the development of chronic conditions or in slowing their progression” (Alexander). The main key components to help with a healthy lifestyle are a healthy diet, regular exercise and avoidance of harmful substances, like smoking. Another big aspect is knowledge. First with knowing your body and changes it might endure will help catch a disease or slow down the process. Also, learning about different types of chronic diseases will assist in the prevention or progression of a disease. Going to your doctor on a
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Some lifestyle changes for arthritis are exercising and eating a healthy diet, getting vitamin C, keeping track of weight and avoid alcohol. In addition, some things to help manage diabetes are eating healthy and exercising, getting regular checkups, manage stress and avoid smoking and alcohol. Mainly exercising, eating a healthy diet and avoiding harmful substances will help manage chronic diseases. If one does not try to manage or prevent chronic diseases by managing them in the first place, they will be more prone to obtaining them. Although it is easier said than done, lifestyle changes are easier for some women and not so easy for other. Some factor that into making changes easier is having support and knowledge. Support is a big help when it comes to making life changing decisions. Having someone on board and helping you through the process always makes it easier. On the other hand, some things that make it difficult for others would be not wanting to give …show more content…
So when poor mental health arises, it interferes with maintaining relationships, having a sense of satisfaction in one’s self and work, and functioning in day-to-day life. It can also dull or block our basic interests in food, sleep and sexual contact. Knowing all of this, when Freud defines metal health as “the ability to love and to work”, I believe this definition works in once sense and not in another. When you type ‘mental health’ into the internet the definition is: “A persons condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.” Freud had the idea that the ability to love is like your emotional part to it and your ability to work is you psychological part. Although he was on the right track I feel that his definition is not the best. Within our book it states that defining mental illness is difficult. It has various from person to person on what they believe is mentally health and mentally ill. If I were to create a definition for mental illness I would say, “It is were each individual varies in their characteristics of how they feel, act, think, judge, and cope with things in their

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