How Leadership Is The Creation Of A Favorable Culture For An Individual Or A Group Of People

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Reflecting on my roles and accomplishments in leadership in business, I can define leadership as the creation of a favorable culture for an individual or a group of people to complete their tasks. Leadership is all about assessing the environment where tasks are handled, with an emphasis on applying different strategies to reduce the hitches while increasing the opportunities; thereby, enabling people to fulfill the given roles. Some of the elements of achieving leadership is achieved by setting and communicating clear visions and boundaries, giving people the freedom to fulfill their roles, monitoring ongoing achievements against the established vision and continually accessing for opportunities for improvement. Others are the involvement of all people in a business by encouraging them to own the goals of the organisation or projects, and the embrace of positivity through the embrace of caution, courage, and determination. A further understanding of my application of these leadership attributes can be created by walking through my resume.
I have excelled in various leadership positions in various organisations. Serving as the general manager for strategy and corporate development at Walz Group enabled me to exemplify my analytical skills in business leadership. The position meant that I was the person responsible for a complete review of the business with input from all employees and managers. I engaged with all stakeholders, from the owners to managers to direct employees,…

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