How Laws Affect Our Society Essay

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Laws can be changed or introduced, why laws change because they need to keep up with the incidents that are happening in society today, instead of using the old laws that won’t strong impact our society. Because every citizen lives will change during the years and many statistics and incidents will change, so therefore the parliament has to change laws so that they could satisfy and keep up with society today.

Laws are a system of rules that society is forced to obey and respect. They help society to function in peace and in harmony; they also help to protect society form irresponsible citizens from causing trouble to society by providing them with punishments so that they could reflect for their troubles. They give us freedom, the perks of doing what ever you want but also keeps you in control. Also they help us solve our disputes by using laws to support them when trying to protect yourself or suing a defendant while in court. In order for a law to be effective, a law must be reasonable and fair in order for society to follow. They cannot release a law that is unreasonable and unfair, it would cause people to reject the law, for example if a new law was implemented and no one liked it, they would try to notify the government through social media and protests, demanding to change the law.

There are many reasons why laws change. One such law that has been change
Is that smoking is banned in enclosed public areas that’s including is schools, shopping areas,…

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