How Law Can Not Effect Police Violence Essay

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Police Violence
A Research Paper on How Law Cannot Effect Police Violence Police violence is a serious subject and takes place in a variety of ways. Police violence is defined as, “the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians (Danilina).” Which raises the question of can laws be put into place in order to deal with this issue? Can law bring about the change that is needed in order to reduce police violence? Can the implementation of simple and certain policies such as body cameras, training, or can even intervention in the police institutions help? With training, institutional implementation of certain policy changes, and with the evidence that laws can occasionally bring about social change, there should be laws implemented in order to reduce police violence. I argue that the law should be involved in trying to solve the problem of police violence because the simple implementation of certain policies or law because of the dangers of policing, wearing body cameras can raise the accountability of officers, and allowing the public to hold the police accountable can help to reduce police violence.
Dangers of Policing Being a police officer is a dangerous job. Some may feel that police forces disproportionately target minorities as they conducting investigations, however, in reality this is not the case. The job of a police officer is to protect and serve their communities. They accomplish this task by conducting traffic stops and…

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