How Language Should Be Interpreted By Associating A Language With A Personality

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The world is formed of diverse languages which all have one purpose, to allow one individual to communicate with another. People have altered the way language should be interpreted by associating a language with a personality. As people continue to adapt to these changes, it will soon become the cultural norm. A norm that says people are to be judged based on their language and, not their personality. Sociolinguistics have proven that society has developed a norm which illustrates the way a person judges another individual, the way they treat them, and the way an individual is labeled in society. Often times an individual will judge another person solely based on their language. In fact, it happens more times than people think. Imagine a society where a person is rejected of a job opportunity because they do not speak the native language well. In the United States people of other ethnicities are judged for not speaking English yet, the Americans do not realize that the country has grown because of the diverse cultures and language. People may not realize that the other ethnic groups speak their native language not because they do not respect the language of that country but they feel distant from their roots if they are pressured to one language. Myriam Marquez supports this claim in her text “Why and When We Speak Spanish in Public” when she says “For me and most of the bilingual people I know, it’s a matter of respect for our parents and comfort in our cultural…

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