Essay on How Language Plays A Nation

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How language plays a crucial role in perpetuating modern forms of colonialism meanwhile maintaining the structures of power within a region? As a tool, language is used both as a means and a medium with one 's colonizers even beyond the context of colonialism by creating a caste system of hierarchy, and thus; perpetuating dominance through a region. In this essay, I will particularly highlight the case of India, as a powerful and equally strong nation in South Asia, while demonstrating how their historical roots and experience of colonialism—by the British imperialist hegemony—brought new forms colonialism and dominance of modern India as a nation, as opposed to its South Asian neighbors.
The objective of this essay is to examine the question: to what extent is the use of the English in India politically motivated to maintaimaintainn power and dominance in the South Asian region? I will argue that, first of all, while the use of the English language may give advantages to the younger generation in India, enabling them to be more competitive in a globalized world, the intense use of English creates a split within the nation. Additionally, the former maintains the centralization of power and dominance of Indian elites, which similar to the hierarchical structure of the caste system learned in History lecture. Thus, although the English language provide opportunities for people in India, it as a medium presents that India, particular the ruling elite, are co-opted to global…

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