How Language Is Essential For Becoming A Member Of The Community And It 's Worth

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Words are one of the remarkable tools we use to communicate with one another. Words have a purpose and tell our stories. Society 's focus on words proves that language is essential to becoming a member of the community and it 's worth is evident in our relationship to words. Take, for example, parents ' preoccupation with a child 's first words. When a child first learns to speak, it is indeed often a memory that is proudly shared among friends and family and remembered for a lifetime. And while words seem to come naturally for most, learning to read and write can be a coming of age task that is a lot more challenging to master. I am indebted to the people who have helped me along this journey to literacy and those that continue to support me along the way. Books and music were a passion for me at an early age. My father, who is a deep lover of music, film and theater, loved to share his favorite stories and songs with me. There are videos of him talking, playing and singing with me when I was just a baby. When I was born, my mother was already a preschool teacher working for a local school named St. Clare 's Little People. She took me to work with her every day and it was in this environment that my love for learning began to grow. Surrounded by supportive family and staff, I felt safe and loved, and this environment fostered a powerful and positive zest for growth. While most children would play with blocks, cars and dolls, you could often find me in the Book Nook nestled…

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