How Language Helps Us Communicate Within Our Culture Essay

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Anthropologists, are, as their name suggests, people who study the history of mankind. The field of anthropology is broken up into four main fields. First, there is biological anthropology, examines the evolution of humans, health and diseases, and what makes us distinctly humans (such as our DNA). Next, there is archaeology, which seeks to understand how early humans, such as hunter-gatherers, lived before us. Archaeology studies trade routes, war zones, and ancient remains of city states. Then we have linguistic anthropology, which is the study of how language helps us communicate within our culture. Finally, cultural anthropology works to comprehend why certain behaviors and beliefs exists in societies and what role they play in a certain culture.
Since the beginning of time, humans have broken themselves up into groups. Originally, these groups shared a common geographic origin, but humans have evolved to section themselves off into groups based on language, religion, and shared experiences. Today, we identify these groups as “cultures”. Every person on earth belongs to some type of culture, and some belong to many cultures. The attitudes toward common experiences, such as birth and death, differ between cultures and assist in comprehending reality and imposing order. Views of the world and meanings ascribed to certain objects differ amongst groups of people because their cultures differ. These differences are often the root of longstanding conflict in our world, and…

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