How Language Can Shape The Way We Think? Essay

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A splendid way to communicate in this world where so much diversity is found, is through language. There’s not just one language that exist, there are thousands of them and each is embraced in different ways. People have the ability to obtain their own meaning of words in accordance to the language they were taught. Perhaps that’s why language makes every person or culture a unique one. The readings “Does Your Language Shape How You Think?” by Guy Deutscher and “Lost in Translation” by Lera Boroditsky, are both pieces of writing that support the idea of how language shapes our thinking and the way we see the world. I agree that language does shape the way we think through grammar, spatial orientation, and sometimes a second language can benefit us to experience the world thoroughly.
In certain languages, grammatical genders can shape the way we think by telling us whether an inanimate noun is referred to as a male or female. To begin with, Benjamin Lee Whorf is known for introducing the idea of language being linked to the way we perceive the world. Deutscher acknowledges that the lack of evidence and various mistakes Whorf committed such as the assumption that language blocks our minds from certain thoughts, resulted as a failure. Therefore, Deutscher suggested to focus more on how language shapes our experience of the world and not in reverse to what stops us from thinking (448). He turned his attention to the experiments that showed how grammatical genders forces some…

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