Essay about How Language Can Be Throughout A Child 's Life

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Language can be seen and heard; it can be diverse or standard. With this in mind, discuss the different roles that language can have in a child’s life.


Language has many different functions. It is a conventional and symbolic system connected to communication between people (Lyons, 1981). It can be seen in written language, body language, sign language, symbols, signs and traffic lights. Aboriginal cultures have used symbols for communication by carving pictures in rocks, giving insight on what life was like many years ago. Language can be heard through oral form. The different grammar, words and vocab used (dialect) can attach people to different identity and culture groups. An ‘accent’, the way a person or group pronounces words influence his or her identity also. People change their register (formal or informal) according to the context of the situation. Language is diverse as there are many kinds of Englishes. Standard Australian English (SAE), Aboriginal English, New Zealand English and Canadian English are just a few of the varieties of Englishes spoken/written. Language can be standard and use different registers for communication in diverse situations. ‘Standard Australian English’ is used in formal places, dictionaries, grammar and official settings. It is recognized as Australians’ ‘common language’.

Language has a role for everyone

Language is a tool that allows communication of emotion, thoughts and messages to other people. It is a set of…

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