How Journey Is A Discourse Community Essay

1864 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Religious organizations, especially on college campuses, can sometimes be viewed by the public as intimidating due to the rules and stereotypes associated with religious groups. Journey, a Christian worshiping community at the College of Charleston, encourages an open-minded approach to spiritual growth throughout college by communicating with students in a way that welcomes all types of students without judgment. This organization is a discourse community, a group of people that share common goals and communicate about a particular topic, at the College of Charleston. To determine this, I compared Journey to the discourse community discussed by John Swales in his academic article. In his piece, Swales explains that to be a true discourse community, the group must contain six key characteristics involving communication and organization.
In this paper, I will explain how Journey is a discourse community according to Swales and I will also analyze how the forms of communication used within this discourse community create an inclusive environment for students. Religious organizations have been analyzed by others, such as Julie Park who crafted an academic article about how religious rhetoric relates to race. While Park discussed how religious groups on college campuses use rhetoric “to urge students to view race and faith as complementary paradigms” (6-7), I researched how Journey uses rhetoric to create a community where students can feel welcome regardless of…

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