How It Plays A Role For The Etiology Of Delinquency Essay

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how it plays a role in the etiology of delinquency in females. They report on their findings from 206 women who were treated for sexual abuse in a hospital setting and then matched that data with the women’s criminal records. They found that children who were abused were more likely to offend, but that abuse predicted certain kinds of offenses. Additionally, it was found that other factors, such as neglect by family members and multiple kinds of abuse were associated with worse behavior (Siegel and Williams, 2003). They wanted to investigate why a growing number of women have become involved with the criminal justice system. Some studies reported that almost half of female delinquents had been sexually abused. This points to several conclusions, including the fact that abuse (specifically sexual), probably has a significant effect on whether or not a female will become delinquent. Lastly, prisoners reported childhood victimization 2-3 times more often that women from the general public (Siegel and Williams, 2003). The researchers focused on how factors within the family or the child’s life could protect them from abuse, and then also from future criminality despite the abuse. The obvious flaw in this study is that it only examined females and very little is known about male victims.
Watts and McNulty (2013) focused on explaining the relationship between childhood abuse and criminality within the boundaries of general strain theory (GST). General strain theory contends that…

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