Essay on How It Changed Me?

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There was not one thing individually that changed me. There were many different things some changed me in a negative way some in a positive way. When I wasn’t matured yet I didn’t really know who I was not like I didn’t know my name but I didn’t know who I wanted to be. Some people kind of pressured into doing bad things in class, not like drugs or anything else like that but being disruptive but all that did was turn my As to Bs. Writing also changed a part of me. It changed something that I thought could never change. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t terrific either. It was like a little switch on the inside got flicked and my whole view on writing changed. I didn’t like it anymore for a while I liked to read. I never thought that a presentation from a classmate could persuade me so much. Other people would use me because I was very book smart but naïve. I would have never thought someone would do that. These paragraphs are going to tell you about my past.
To do this assignment I had to go back in time a few years and remember life as it was then. It was challenging to do by myself, so I asked my brother some questions about our past. We both thought for a while about what happened as long as we could remember. When I 3 months old my grandmother got legal custody of me. She had legal custody of my brother since he was out of the hospital. My grandma played the role as my mom and she still does I love her very much. I didn’t meet my mother until I was nine years old. I…

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