How Is Your Quality Of Life? Essay

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How is your quality of life? This is a question that many clinicians strive to answer with all patients across the continuum from acute to chronically ill. Clinicians have an insatiable drive for the answers about the clinical judgments they make each day. Moreover, clinicians hold very deep convictions based on the training and experience that can only be improved using convincing data or information. Clinical outcome is a health state of particular patients. Furthermore, clinical outcome is broadly agreed to measurable changes in the quality of life or health that result from an individuals ' care. Overall, quality of life measures are important across life span whether an individual is healthy, suffers from a chronic illness or approaching end of life. The quality of life of a patient has emerged as a crucial outcome in healthcare.
Clinicians, researchers, the public and policymakers consider perceived quality of life as the most important dimension or outcome of the health of an individual or general population. There is continued debate regarding the actual definition of the quality of life. This has not slowed down the proliferation of quality of life outcome since this outcome is recognized as a very important clinical outcome.
According to Donnelly, Rybicki and Walsh (2001), quality of life is viewed as a person’s perception of their positions in life in context of value systems and culture in which he/she lives and in relations with their expectations, concerns,…

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