How is the experience of exile dealth with in Palestinian memoirs

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How is the experience of exile dealt with in Palestinian memoirs? The experience of exile is dealt with differently depending on the memoir, but the overall picture received is one of feeling lost, unwelcomed, isolated and being unable to fully integrate into their new society. Memoirs often provide an insight into the lives of different types of people, Ghada Karmi’s ‘In search of Fatima’ memoir provides a detailed look at the life and experiences in exile from the Palestinian perspective. Karmi and her family were forced to leave their homeland in the late 1940s due to the creation of the State of Israel. After being forced out of their homes by the settling Jewish population, the family moved to England as refugees. Growing up in …show more content…
Possibly, in the hope they will be able to move back to Palestine whilst at all times keeping their days as similar to a normal day back home as possible by maintaining Palestinian activities such as reading the Quran and eating Arab food. Before long, Ghada and her sisters are enrolled in English schools. Although Siham can already speak a little bit of English, they all soon become fluent. It is noticeable in her memoirs that Ghada, when in school, befriended other outsiders such as other Arabs and even Jewish girls rather than the English girls. This occurred in the lives of the adults also, it is describes in the memoir how her Mother essentially adopted any single Arab men living in London for company and essentially sizing them up as possible future husbands for her daughters as well as constantly having other Arab families in the house. Prior to establishing the company of other Arabs, her Mother is noted as being depressed and not leaving her bed all day. This is important as it shows how some would obviously deal with exile badly; it is therefore worth pointing out how the Arabs in exile tended to group together to essentially feel as much at home as possible. The Father on the other hand is much less affected than the rest of his family as he speaks English, has a job, has worked in England before and has been there for longer than them. However,

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