How Is Our Equality Has Changed Over The Years Of Society, Morals, And Values

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Throughout the years of Society, morals, ethics, and values have changed over the years allowing more freedom and equality. Sociology is the study of how people become the way they are, why they become the way they are, and what they value as a human being. What I 'm going to talk about is how our equality has changed for the better, but not where it needs to be yet, freedom and how far it has come, but yet we are still taking steps backward in society itself, individualism and how important it is in our lives in America, and last but not least democracy what we fight for to be considered a United States. In my opinion these all need to be worked on through congress and politics to become what we really are, a free society where everyone should be accepted no matter their circumstances. I have a personal belief that we are all created equal and no one is better than anyone ever, including how much money you have, where you live, how many friends you have on the social network, what types of clothing you buy, and that this should be displayed across all cultures. Yet, congress still wants to control the people and what they do as citizens when we should be coming together and not for money purposes, but for the good of normal people in general.

First, I will discuss Individualism and how important it is to American Society. Individualism is a word that almost in the name itself says Americans, why you ask? Well out of all the other cultures we tend to be very…

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