Character Analysis: Where The Red Fern Grows

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“Look out for the people who look out for you. Loyalty is everything.” (Picture In the story Where The Red Fern Grows there is a lot of loyalty and friendship between Billy and his dogs. They all stay true and loyal to each other because they are the best of friends. The writer of the quote said this because when someone isn't true to you they aren't loyal to you. Billy Shows that he is true and loyal to his dogs because he is always there for them, playing with them, and hunting with them.Wilson Rawls describes this theme throughout the book in many ways because Billy and his dogs have a special bond with each other.

In the beginning of the book when Billy first got his dogs he was so happy and proud that he had a pair of coonhounds.When
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BIlly trusted his dogs enough to let them free and get on to a track of a coon. So Little Ann and Old dan ran out into the woods with Billy following them. When the dogs got a sent they worked together to track down the coon. Billy was always with them when they were hunting so that he could keep track of where they are. Billy made a promise to his dogs that if they treed the coon then Billy would do the rest. Billy said, “ It’ll be the real thing, so remember everything I thought you and I’m depending on you. Just put one up a tree and I’ll do the rest.” So when the dogs treed a coon the coon was in a very big tree that was really wide. Since Billy promised to his dogs that he would do the rest when his dogs treed the coon, he chopped down the tree in two days. That shows that Billy showed loyalty to his dogs about getting the coon down from the …show more content…
When they went hunting they always caught their coons together. At the championship hunt, the dogs found a coon and ran after it all the way up to the camp where the hunters were. After Billy finished hunting the hunters told them how pretty it was to see the two dogs running side by side. This shows that Little Ann and Old Dan really have a special friendship with each other. But this wasn't only shown towards the end of the book. When Little Ann and Old Dan hunted they always hunted together. One time when Billy went hunting with his dogs Little Ann got a big cut on her foot. So Little Ann stayed home because she was recovering from her wound. The next day Billy tried to go hunting with Old Dan but he wouldn’t move an inch without Little Ann. The Two dogs showed there and throughout the book that they cared for each other and looked out for each other. This relates to the quote because Little Ann and Old Dan do everything together because they care for each other. Billy, Little Ann, and Old Dan showed loyalty in the book because they cared and watched over each other. Billy kept his promise to take care of the coon when his dogs treed it and he saved Little Ann from drowning in the icy lake. The dogs were loyal to each other because they were always hunting together and never left each other’s side. Also, the dogs were loyal to Billy

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