How Is Hitler A Monster Essay

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When we look at Adolf Hitler’s life, for the most part see a monster, which killed millions of people who he thought were of lessor life. He can be described as one who brought terrible tragedy upon our world with his ideologies of a great race, need for land, and thirst for that power that was lost in the Great War. By all means Hitler was all of those terrible things that we have stuck in the vision of our minds, but what brought him to that breaking point? At what point did he go wrong? I mean no man is born to be a monster, right? Was it possibly his many arguments with his father over his choices at school, or maybe his failure as an artist? Was it the death of his younger brother Edmund, as it has been said that this
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Though it does seem that he had a great love for Germany early on in life, it was not as fanatical as it had become later in Hitler’s life. When Hitler joined the Army at the start of World War One maybe his mind was made it by that point that Germany was the greatest place on earth, but he was never as fanatical as he was to come in the aftermath of the Great War. Germany suffered great troubles at the end of world war One, and Adolf Hitler took these hardships personal. We will see how the Treaty of Versailles and the reparations that would be forced upon Germany caused a situation for the chemical reaction in Hitler to become the leader he desired to be. Though many just look at the end of Hitler’s life and see the hell that he prescribed on our earth I have different thoughts of Hitler’s life, and I have often sat and wondered these thoughts of Hitler’s life, knowing that at some point there had to be a catalyst that made the chemical change in the biology of a monster. Though we may never know what it was that drove Hitler to that breaking point, I believe that it was the aftermath of World War One and economic situation that was the catalyst that drove the reaction …show more content…
It was during his time as an agent that he got his rise on the political stage with the German Worker’s Party. Hitler began to follow the founder of the group Anton Drexler and through this man’s teaching Hitler began his anti-Semitic, nationalist, anti-capitalist, and Marxist ideas. As Hitler became part of the group in 1919 he rose rather fast due to his ability to speak and move people with his vision of what he believed should become the political make up of Germany. Hitler left the military service in 1920 and began to work full time on these projects. Hitler came to be a great speaker motivating those around him blaming others for the hardships that Germans were facing at the time. In 1938 Psychiatrist Carl Jung stated that Hitler “was the first man to tell every German what he has been thinking… about German fate, especially since the defeat in World War One.” That alone should give us the belief that Hitler was more motivated after the German failure of WWI than at any point in his life. I believe that Hitler, developing a strong love for Germany before the war, really believed in the mission of WWI for the German people, and as the fall came he was distraught from that failure. With his inability to cope with these war time failures I believe that Hitler developed a need to make Germany the power that he believed that they should

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